Microchipping Cats

As you might be aware, the compulsory microchipping of cats is going to happen in 2023. Although the exact date the new rules are set to become mandatory has not yet been announced, it is clear, that all cat owners face a similar scenario as the dog owners:

All cats from the age of 20 weeks have to be microchipped and the details of animals and owner have to be stored in a central database. If a cat has been found out not to be microchipped, the owner has 21 days to rectify this, or can face a penalty fee of up to £500,-.

The microchip is a sterile device, that resembles a grain of rice and it's implantation under the skin is a simple process, not much more painful than a vaccination injection. The cost of microchipping your cat is £16.50 and this includes registering him or her on the database.

Cats are naturally curious animals and like wondering about. About a quarter of the over 10 million pet cats in the UK are still unchipped. Should a cat get lost or stolen, been handed in to vets after an accident or -worst case scenario- been found dead, a chip facilitates identification. All vets and animal charities have got chip readers and will be able to help.

In order to get “things going” we will be offering “Cat Chipping Action Days”. On the set dates (soon to be announced) you don't need to make an appointment. As we all know, many of our feline friends tend to disappear as soon as their owners get the cat transport box out of the cupboard. Just give us a quick phone call to tell us that you are on your way.

Please be aware that once your cat is registered it will be your responsibility to ensure the database is updated should you move house, change your telephone number etc..

For up to date information you can refer to the government websites - Defra - Home - Animal Welfare.

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Good to know

Covid-19 latest

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients regarding our appointment system which has been in place since the start of the pandemic. The main advantages of this system other than keeping us all safer, are:
  • no overcrowding of the car park
  • reduced waiting times
  • less stress for the animals
We therefore decided as a practice to stick to our appointment only system and not to return to open surgeries even in a post pandemic environment.


Repeat Prescriptions

We can be extremely busy at times, so if we have seen your pet within the last 6 months, please ring or email us with your request and we will have it ready for you when you arrive. We would also kindly ask you to order flea and tick treatments in advance to minimise waiting times. Thank you. Tel:01398 323285

Please ring us during opening times (9:00am -5:00pm), if possible 24 hours in advance, in case your prescription needs to be ordered in.