The Pet Travel Scheme and Brexit


There are three different ways Great Britain could be “listed” as after leaving the EU, depending on what deal has or has not been agree on:


Option 1:

The UK is becoming a “Part 1 listed country”.
In this case there would be little or no change to the current regulations regarding passports and rabies prevention.


Option 2:

The UK is becoming a “Part 2 listed country”
There would not be any change to the current passport regulations, but it would also be necessary to obtain a “Model Health Certificate”. This certificate has to be issued by an “official Veterinary Surgeon” at least 21 days after the vaccination and no earlier than 10 days before travelling, but would be valid for journeys within the EU for 4 months.


Option 3:

The UK is becoming an “unlisted country”
In this case every person travelling with a dog, cat or ferret will have to

  • have a blood sample of the animal taken by a vet (no earlier than 30 days after the vaccination against rabies)
  • an approved laboratory will have to certify that the antibody titre against the Lyssavirus has reached the appropriate level
  • 3 months after taking of the blood sample must have elapsed
  • a Model Health Certificate will be needed
  • the pet has to enter the EU via a “designated traveller's point of entry” (what this will be looking like and where this will be located is currently unknown).


It is at the moment unpredictable which outcome we will have to face, but should you have to take your animals abroad under any circumstances soon after Brexit, it would be advisable to have the blood test done in any case. The price of this is £88,80 including taking the sample (price correct as of 10.07.2019, please enquire at reception as these prices may change!

To keep up with the latest developments we recommend you check the web pages of APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency).

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Covid-19 latest

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We therefore decided as a practice to stick to our appointment only system and not to return to open surgeries even in a post pandemic environment.


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